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Elite bags: Paramedics qiuckaid

Qickaid bag for paramedics and others on the run.
Paramedic’s first aid kit. Its big size and layout allows the transport and organization of self-care & emergency material. Its double fastening position (waist/leg) make this bag easy to carry, moreover its position can be regulated, and the anti-slippery bands stops the bag moving on the leg. MOLLE PANEL on the back to be fastened to other bags or vest. Double zipper opening system. Elastic bands adjusted by velcro. Drain hole on the base of the bag. Velcro badges for identification. Red Velcro band to locate the main handle of the kit. Interior layout can be divided in two main parts thanks to a detachable middle flap. Elastic bands and net pockets. Side panes with elastic pockets. Central main pocket with adjustable opening system.
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