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Spirit LED penlight. Batteries included

LED penlight - many colours
LED Penlights ● Material: metal ● Design: different finishes, anodized, matte, or “Duracote™” solid colors ● Other: secured high lux cool light bulb We perform the strictest quality control to ensure impeccable quality and consistency. Made from lightweight and sturdy metal case, features secured high lux cool light bulb, “TipTop™” push-button switch and pocket clip. Spirit Medical Co., Ltd. is a Penlights manufacturer. Bi-functional Diagnostic LED Penlight This model of diagnostic penlight torch offers a sturdy lightweight design, as well as a two way on / off switch for convenient use. The "TipTop" push button switch allows the unit to be activated in short bursts, while the pocket clip can lock the unit in the 'on' position. This allows both convenience of use as well as increased battery life. Two x AAA batteries included LED light Lightweight Fitted with LED light bulb for enhanced light quality this is an outstanding medical penlight. Suitable for optical use
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